A job in Novotehna

Become a part of Novotehna Plc.

Novotehna offers a wide variety of possibilities of employment for construction workers – from engineers, masons, steel workers, carpenters... The vision of our company is to create work places and to make our employees proud for working for us.

We are employing several construction workers

We are offering you the opportunity to become a part of our team. Send us an application for currently open places because we are employing construction workers with experience – MASON, STEEL WORKER AND CARPENTER.

Send your application by e-mail to: novotehna@novotehna.hr marked as „Job application“.

We are employing a construction engineer

We are currently looking for construction engineer. The terms are: VSS, work experience in similar jobs for at least 3 years, passed professional exam, excellent knowledge of computer work (AutoCAD, MS Office), a B category drivers license.

All of those interested that fulfil these terms can send their CV with projects they worked on with an application to: novotehna@novotehna.hr marked as „Job application“.

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