The business-residential building Žudika, Rijeka

The business-residential building with number of floors B+B1+G+3 was built in a way that, other than apartments, the ground floor has business areas shops such as supermarkets, drugstores, pharmacies, banks and areas for catering purposes. The facility has an accompanying parking place with entrance control.

Investor: Žudika d.o.o.
Head contractor: Novotehna d.d.
Designer: Dražul Glušica architects
Beginning of project: 15.05.2012.
Finalization of project: 10.05.2013.

Information on the project​:  
Number of apartments: 21
Number of business areas: 6
Number of parking spots: 82
Surface of the residential area: 998,50 m2
Surface of the parking area: 2.528,70 m2
Total area NET: 5.397,20 m2

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