Welcome to the official web site of Novotehna Plc.

Novotehna Plc. was established in 1945 in Karlovac as a construction company for performing the activities of constructing residential and business facilities, along with roads and bridges. Even though Novotehna performed over a broad area, the main turning point began in 1985 when the construction operative Rijeka separated and became GP Novotehna Rijeka. Privatization was executed in 1993 and from then on, Novotehna Plc. as we know today has existed.

With its many years of work experience, knowledge and monitoring the newest trends in construction, we have obtained the reputation as a reliable company that constructs quality high-rise objects and have received numerous recognitions for our successful work and achieved business results.

The basic activity of the company is construction with emphasis on high-rise and the production of concrete. At the moment, there are approximately 80 employees in Novotehna Plc. that are continually being professionally trained. We employee workers from various professions and levels of education which are professionally educated and trained to perform the most demanding types of construction work.

In accordance with the vision of the development of the company, and especially because our goal is to increase the quality of our services, in 2010 we introduced the system of quality management, ISO quality standard 9001:2008, in the company and since then our complete business operations are implemented in accordance with the quality of ISO standards for construction, production and the transport of concrete.