Multi-residential building Drenova S1, S2, S3 I S4, Rijeka

The construction of the residential settlement with four residential building with the number of floors Ground floor+3, accompanying parking places, adapted surroundings with a children’s playground, pedestrian trails, benches and garden pond. The buildings are located at the very edge of the construction zone at Donja Drenova along the greenery belt.

APOS city of Rijeka

Head contractor:
Novotehna d.d.

Projectura d.o.o.

Beginning of construction:


Finalization on the poject:


Information on the project:
Number of apartments:


Number of garage:
80 parking spots
Suface of the residential area:

5.028,00 m2

Surface of the parking area:

1.500,00 m2

Total area NET:

6.528,00 m2