Residential business building RUJEVICA I, Rijeka

The construction of the residential building in Rujevica in Rijeka, number of floors B1+B+G+5 with a two-floor garage area for automobiles, motorcycles and bicycles (B1+B), a ground floor for shops and an area for a fitness centre. The building was designed and constructed in a way to visually make two separate buildings with a mutual connective square.


APOS city of Rijeka

Head contractor:

Novotehna d.d.


Vukušić arhitekti

Beginning of project:


Finalization of project:


Information on the project​:

Number of apartments:


Number of business areas:


Number of garages:

186 parkirnih mjesta

Surface of the residential area:

10.775,30 m2

Surface of the business area:

412,80 m2

Surface of the parking area:

5.562,55 m2

Total area NET:

16.775,30 m2