Novotehna Plc. was established in 1945 in Karlovac as a construction company for performing activities of constructing residential and business facilities and roads and bridges. In the 60’s we solely dealt with the construction of tourist contents in the area of Istria and Lošinj.


After the decrease of the need for construction in tourism, we oriented our business activities to residential construction. A new era started in Novotehna in 1968 when the plant for construction operatives was opened in Rijeka. 1968 marked the year of the first construction of a residential building in Rijeka by Novotehna. 1972 is interesting due to the fact that we constructed the first residential skyscraper in Rijeka. In 1975 the construction of the PO18 building started, popularly known as „harmonica“.


The entire decade marked the construction of most of the residential buildings in Turnić and Podmurvice. In 1983 we started with the construction of the residential settlement in Marčeljeva draga, where we constructed a large part of that area of Rijeka. In 1992/3 we executed the paving of the main promenade of the city of Rijeka – Korzo.


In 01.01.1993 the Novotehna that we know today emerged, with the legal form of a shareholding company. We marked the last 20 years of the 20th century with numerous projects for the domestic market (A-17, A-18 Donja Drenova, Užarska 25.1-Stari grad, residential building M. Genari, residential building Kozala, and so on) and we have constructed projects for famous clients (the residential series Rujevica – Series 1 and 2, client City of Rijeka), and we have worked on many reconstructions and repairs (pedestrian bridge Titov trg, reconstruction and repair of business buildings on the address Vodovodna 2 and 5).


In 2003 we executed the construction of the residential building Škurinje II for the Agency for Legal Revenues and Mediation of Real estate and in 2006 we started the first cooperation with the Agency for Social Incentive Housing of the City of Rijeka – APOS. Along with many other projects, we performed another 3 projects by the program of Social Incentive Housing. In 2009 we started with the relocation of the cement plant and the warehouse areas from Rujevica to the business zone Kostrena – Šoići where we constructed new warehouse-business areas.


We are starting a new official web site and the construction of new and interesting projects.